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Northern Kentucky Urban

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Urban Forestry resources

NKUCFC has over 20 years of urban forestry advocacy, outreach, research, goals, and objectives! We have compiled a lot of data and made connections at the regional, state, and national level. We hope this information is helpful to you, your organization, your family, your county, your friends...whoever!

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ISA Scholarships

Get certified to become an arborist! Each year, we give out one scholarship that covers a one-year membership to ISA, one-year membership to Kentucky Arborists Association, personal copy of all study materials, one-day Kentucky ISA training, and reimbursement for 50% of ISA exam fees.

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Urban Tree Canopy

Learn how much tree cover your city has! Surprise, it's more than you think. Last updated in 2014.

Individual Tree Resources

What, where, when, and how to plan, plant, and preserve your landscape.

Community Forestry ReSources

Information for municipal urban forestry professionals, community members, and more!

Regional & National Forestry Resources

Plan your urban forest with regional planning tools and urban forestry research. Get up to date with national trends and strategic planning initiatives!

Kentucky Roots

Simple Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

Join us in keeping our urban forest healthy! These simple tips and tricks will keep your yard trees living a long, happy life. Trees provide clean air and water, community pride, and even money in your pocket.

Some quick tips:

  • Don't volcano mulch
  • Don't top your trees
  • Prune limbs right at the branch collar
  • Stay clear of power lines and underground pipes

Taking Root NKY

Taking Root is a collaborative, broad-based campaign to address the current historic loss of our region's tree canopy by planting trees, better managing our local forests, promoting the many benefits of healthy trees, and fostering a sense of stewardship among individuals and communities.

The goal is to plant 2 million trees - one for every person in the region!

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