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Northern Kentucky Urban

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Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council (NKUCFC)

NKUCFC is a regional, all-volunteer organization with urban forestry-related goals. We are implementing educational and planting initiatives to help communities realize the importance and value of trees - even in urban settings. In other words: we love trees!

Get involved with us by coming to our membership gatherings, attending or volunteering in our project and events, becoming an official member, or sponsoring our awesome projects. All are welcome, no tree experience required. If you like trees, you're in!

Citizen Science Survey

Can you fill out a short 9-question survey? Help us learn about what you are interested in! Thanks in advance.

NKY Urban Tree Canopy

Learn how much tree cover your city has! Surprise, it's more than you think.

Projects & Events

We want YOU to be a part of our crew. Join us at our membership meetings, fun urban walks, and more!

Upcoming Events

Reforest NKY

Register now for Reforest NKY 2021 Part 2!

Date: Saturday, October 23rd, 2021
Time: 9:30am - 1:00pm
Location: Sargeant Park
999 Covert Run Pike, Dayton, KY 41074

Register here.

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TIOC Forum

2009 wb logo_crop

Join us for the Trees in Our Communies Forum, celebrating 25 years of NKUCFC!

Date: Thursday, November 4, 2021
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Butler's Pantry Market & Cafe

50 E Rivercenter Boulevard, Covington, KY 41011

Register here.

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Our Partners' Events

Wetlands Management Micro-credential - NKU

Wetlands are a critical part of our ecosystem, abating flooding and regulating waterways. The Northern Kentucky University Wetlands Management Microcredential will provide professionals, students, and anyone interested the knowledge to identify wetland plants, assess wetlands biodiversity assessment, and learn wetlands delineation through investigation of critical areas. These professional short courses will cover criterial and reporting for the Eastern Mountain Piedmont region as well as the Midwest region and be conducted through the NKU Research and Education Field Station (REFS).

2021 Courses:

  • Wetlands Amphibian Assessment: May 17th - 19th
  • Wetlands Plant Identification: June 23rd - 25th
  • Wetlands Delineation: July 12th - 16th
  • Invasive Species Management: August 11th - 13th

Learn more about these amazing courses here!

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